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Special House in Northern Spain (Picos de Europa)
Built in 1897 is a construction made up of two buildings, stables, home wound employees and a gated estate of approximately 10,000 m2

The main part of the house consists of a 3 storey building built with natural stone floor with an area of approximately 300 m2 and a total of 10 rooms. It also has a wide asturian balcony perfectly designed so that you never run out of sunlight. Besides the main building, there is also a second building of 2 floors totally refurbished and with an approximate area of 230 m2 each floor. This building is the oldest in the group since it was built in the mid nineteenth century...


In the Council located in the County of Los Picos de Europa in northern Spain, is the Fios village on the southern slope of the natural area of the Sierra del Sueve. Located 4Km. the capital of the municipality: Arriondas, where is the Central Hospital of the Shire...
The place where is situated the Special House is within the National Park Picos de Europa in Northern Spain province of Asturias. Park lands were declared as National Park for Pedro Pidal, Marquis of Villaviciosa in 1904.
King Alfonso XIII, was struck by the beauty of the National Park today. About five miles of this special house, stands the monastery of Villanueva de Cangas de Onis, now belonging to the famous National Network of Paradores of Spain.


Asturian fully glazed corridor and a wide central window, occupies a privileged place in the first planta.Sus furniture dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

French gardeners were commissioned to design a unique home environment. In the background is the main entrance, with wrought iron doors, now fully automatic.

An aerial overview of the property, where you can see the perfect condition of the roofs.